Jonathan Cameron

Web Designer & Front-End Developer

About Me

In my lifetime on this earth I never imagine that I would become a Web Designer. But when I was introduced tothis technology I found a great deal of passion for Web Design and the development of the design. I love the feeling of building dynamic, appealign, quality, and fully functional websites. Although the developement process can be a challenge at times it gives me a sense of victory when I concur the problem with a solution to the problem. When executing a project I give it the best of what I got.

Special Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP


  • Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online
  • Degree Achieved: AS - Associates of Science
  • Course of Study: Web Design & Interactive Media
  • Attended & Graduation Date: Feb. 2010 to June 2014

Things I Like To Do

Number one above all thing except for my family, I love to play basketball either on the court or behind a controller. I have a nice curve ball in bowling. The highest I have ever scored was a 258 and this was with a house ball. Today I would say that I average about a 130 since I haven't bowl much but when I was in a league I bowled a average of 178. I enjoy drawing anything that is in my path whether that be a face or a cartoon drawings. I am a visual type of person so what ever I see I can draw it.

That's me

Now that you know me, what do you say.