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Realcutz is a personal project of my hair cut design styles using my kids heads. I created this website showcase my web design abilities for future employers and for any one looking to get a website created. The idea is to showcase hair designs alone with setting up appointments on the weekends. I said to my self if I was a professional barber I probably wouldn't want to do hair on the weekends unless it was scheduled. It also showcase some of my women hair style as well. This site will not be in production to go live for people to actually look to hire me to cut their hair. This is not my passion, I just do it for me and my family and that's it. This site was created from scratch in Photoshop and developed in Dreamweaver using HTML, CSS, and some JQUERY.


Image of Realcutz home page
Image of Realcutz hair design page Image of Realcutz For Women page


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